How to become a Lambda?

The process begins with Recruitment (Rush) Week, which is at the start of every semester. It’s a chance to get to know the brothers, learn more about fraternity life, and have a great time. Everyone is welcome and all events are FREE, so bring your friends and hang out. We will pick up the tab and provide transportation for all events. To find out more info, visit our social media page at

Do you have to be asian to join? 

No. While we are an Asian-Interest Fraternity, we are not Asian exclusive. Across all members and chapters, we seek and strive for diversity and betterment; to constantly progress toward the best version of ourselves through the character and unity of one another. The bonds among us are forged between men who share the same values, not just similar interests, backgrounds, or cultures. We are diverse in our brothers, but singular in our principles: to treat all as the priority, and leave none as the minority.